Corporate Social Investment


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We envision Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) becoming free from poverty and food insecurity.The vast majority of the inhabitants in the area are dependant mainly on farming as a means of livelihood. Our core value is to bring technology to the farmer and educating farmer on available technology &  inventions hence enable them to attain a sustainable livelihood.

We undertake a number of initiatives as a way of giving back to society. These include:

Farmers Training– We organize regular trainings in different parts of the region and educate farmers and students on the best farming practices and how they can maximize the use of Western Seed Company products

Field days – During these days,farmers are provided with free seed samples and educated on the best ways to plant seeds and take care of crops. This is done while at the farm. We start the process from land preparation to  post harvest

Partnerships-In partnership with other organizations we collect feedback from farmers and use our advanced technology to produce high quality seed that is not only pest and disease resistant but also suitable to specific ecology . In addition we make sure the farmers understand their region and best seed to use