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Company Overview

Why Are We the Best in Africa?

We address the problem of low yields of small holder farmers by producing high quality hybrid maize seed and bean seed. We are the only private company in East Africa with an end-to-end seed maize research, breeding and distribution program. Since inception, we have diversified our products with the interests of the farmer at heart. We are engaged in producing high quality seed tolerant to diseases, drought and superb maturity attributes in all agro-ecological zones.


Bringing technology to the farmer


Small scale Farmer Sustainability

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Diversity

Our Growth

Western Seed Company is a seed research and processing company

The Beginning

The company was incorporated in Kenya in 1986 as Western and Grain Company when the seed sector in the country was still closed and largely informal.


The firm played an active role in liberalization of the seed sector in Kenya, improving on traditionally grown varieties before commencing its breeding programme.

First Hybrid

Through dedication and desire to transform lives of local maize farmers through quality seeds, the team managed to come up with the first Hybrid Maize variety less than 10 years after its incorporation. It submitted the variety for national performance trial.

First Hybrid Released

First Western Seed Company Hybrid Maize seed released

Full release of seven varieties

Western Seed Company officially released seven high quality hybrid maize seed varieties fit for specific soils in Western Kenya after being dully approved by the government approval. The year heralds a new chapter in the life of maize farmers in the region. Those varieties include WH 502, 105,002,509,403, 102 and 103.

More varieties released

In 2004, Western Seed Company released five maize varieties of WS series after being approved. They include WH 301, 401,402, 507and 508. In 2005, four more seeds of WH varieties were approved, bringing the total to at least 18. The four varieties are WH 101,105,002 AND 104. Western Seed is in the process of expanding to other regional countries with plans to testing and eventual release of its varieties in Uganda and Tanzania ongoing.


This year, we found partners in Rwanda to promote local seed production.

Stockist Training

We started Stockist training in Nyanza, Western & Rift Valley April 2019 - Stockist training in Central & Eastern and NOW we are carrying out distribution of promotion seed in western, rift valley & Nyanza. We made another milestone in forming partnership in Rwanda, by building a maize seed processing plant that will ensure Rwanda farmers get locally produced high quality maize seed. We also introduced 504 variety


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